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Welcome to our charities page. Here you can read a brief description of the areas of charity we support and select which category you would like your donation to support. Read each one and when you click the button above the category, you will see a donation form pop up. Enter your information and submit your donation. You will receive your donation receipt at the email you provide to hold for your taxes.     

God bless you and thank you for your support.

At "The Bible Cast" we teach the importance of giving to the less fortunate.

Your donation in this category will go toward events, food & clothing distribution, camping and forestry provisions, toiletries, healthcare needs, education, rehabilitation, etc for our homeless community.

Being alone in this world is no laughing matter. No matter if its by tragedy or some matter of circumstance

There are children who have been abandoned that walk the streets and hide in alleyways

You don't see them but they are there. "The Bible Cast" has located a local ministry that is in the heart of the matter and provides food and shelter for the lost little souls out there with nowhere to go. It is a matter of love that we will use your contribution in this area to distribute to the assistance of those children.

"The Bible Cast" is dedicated to leading Christians to live out lives of discipleship. Your donation to this ministry will help with the ongoing costs of production and software as well as website costs and security. 

This area is also used for donations for our charity drives and special events.

Corporate funding as well as small business partnerships are encouraged to fund all areas of ministry need through giving to The Bible Cast.

Every Year there are devastating disasters that destroy lives and uproot families across the nation.

In Liew of such events, The Bible Cast will have a Disaster Relief fund set aside to assist those in need as that need arises. If you feel led to

support this cause, you can send monetary donations through this link or physical donations by contacting us at the top of this page. The value of physical donations are tax deductible as well as monetary donations.


Through our bridge ministry efforts we have discovered a specific need for the community of homeless.


The Humanitarian Building will be our future structure to house 80 of our homeless neighbors and work with local businesses to offer them jobs from within our network.

The facility will also house other local charities to provide the homeless with their specific needs for health and wellness on a campus style facility.

For further details please visit The Hub at:

The Bible Cast supports

widows through local

church events. Dinners,

food delivery, counseling

and special events

programmed to the specific needs of women in their

times of need. Your

donation helps to support

our efforts to further these

local church programs.

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