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Hello, This is Jim Guy. President and CEO of "The Bible Cast".

Let me start by thanking you for visiting our web site.

"The Bible Cast" Is a 501c3 Non-Profit Charity Organization which was founded in July of 2019.

It actually began as a simple idea to pass along video messages to my Bible study group when everyone came down sick all at once. Soon after, Gods Holy Spirit led me to spread these messages on a grander scale.

Through my own biblical studies and sermons, God reveals to me topics I am to present. I research each topic and deliver a message via "Youtube"-video podcast on Wednesdays.

The Bible Cast has transformed into a growing charity for widows, orphans, homelessness, and catastrophe victims by taking donations and distributing to those areas of need via food delivery, clothing distributions, seasonal outdoor supplies and toiletries to the homeless, supporting partner ministries for orphans and widows, as well as hosting charity events for these purposes.

Currently we are working to develop a safe haven for our homeless community in the form of a humanitarian building to support and sustain 100 people who are homeless, providing them with a clean and safe place to stay while they receive on site job training from local companies who have agreed to hire them off the street from within our network. 

You can learn more about that project here:

Our team of volunteers are dedicated to helping those in need by having boots on the ground in the form of real life bridge ministry. We go where the needs are. We travel in groups into the homeless camps and visit them at home. This gives us an advantage to physically see their needs up close allowing us to provide for them on an individual level.


"The Bible Cast" ministry has made a huge impact on our lives and hopefully the lives of anyone we can reach.

Please join us in support of our ministry to impact our community.

Together we can make a difference!

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The mission of "The Bible Cast" is to spread encouragement to as many people as possible. 

Sharing Gods word through Biblical education and lifestyle evangelism, to drive everyone we engage in, to live out healthy Christian lives.

peoples hands holding wrists in a circle

Founder Facts

This is Jim Guy again,

Some might ask if I'm qualified as an ordained minister to preach the word.

The simple answer is that I'm not ordained by any religious organization. However, I believe any ministry, no matter the size, should have accountability.                              That being said, I have accountability partners from local churches review every Bible Cast I send out to double check it for accuracy and to make sure I'm not taking scripture out of context just to make a point.

I believe God has set me apart for this ministry and I am led by His Holy Spirit to deliver encouragement to my brothers and sisters in Christ.

All that being true, you should never take something anyone teaches you as complete.

You should always reference the Bible as the word of God in all instruction and truth as the final authority.

If at any time you have any questions concerning material or format of "The Bible Cast", please contact me and I will be more than happy to address any concerns.

Thank you again for visiting the website.

The Bible Cast is a great way to learn and understand the scriptures in the Bible and study on Gods word.

Jolie M.

The Bible Cast is amazing to receive every Wednesday. It gives my family a pick me up in the middle of the week. A reminder of the amazing God we serve and have watching over us.

Randal P.

In The Bible Cast, "Overcoming stress with success", the verse Psalms 55:22 opened my eyes to know that it is OK to give my worries to Him. With prayer and your message, it has helped me more than you know.

Patty G.

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