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Welcome to

The Bible Cast

501c3 non-profit charity

501c3 non-profit charity

The Bible Cast

I'm not quite where I'm going, yet I'm far from whence I've came   

~ Every Christian Everywhere

Daily Devotion Description

Daily Devotion


"God's Word Last Word"  is a very encouraging daily message created for inspiration from a man who requests no recognition. He is living out his discipleship through sharing Gods message. What started out with 10 people has grown to over 4,500 receiving the word daily. I hope his ministry is as big a blessing to you as it has been to The Bible Cast.

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There's nothing like when God moves in our lives. Let us know your inspiring story. What was your Jesus moment this week?

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We love to hear about how God uses people to encourage others.

Let us know how God used you this week to reach out.

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Here you will find a list of useful discipleship tools to use in your ministry

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Get Involved

Be inspiring and get inspired. 

Have any thoughts on how to grow

"The Bible Cast" ministry?

We want to hear about it.

Maybe you are the one person needed to encourage the world.



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